Partenariat Ecoles


A historic commitment with Universities

Since more than 30 years, Le Club des Professionnels is partner with hundreds of schools in France, in order to accompany them in the training of the beauticians.

It is essential for the future of the beautician profession that those future professionals are trained with very high quality products. This guarantees to deliver quality training tailored to the professional world. And it ensures satisfaction of future employers and future customers.

At Le Club des Professionnels, quality formulas has always been our first priority. This has been, and continues to build the reputation of our brand for over 30 years.

We put at the schools' disposal, at very favorable terms, a range of nearly 300 products for cabins and resale, but also more than 700 items of accessories and amenities.
A range of suitable kits for exams at very affordable prices, allows students to train with the same formulas than professional products.