Oligospa Beauty Rituals

Three Rituals dedicated to a beautiful body using natural ingredients and essential oils. Awaken your senses and allow yourself to be transported to a different world with original oligo-elements, scents and textures. Three rituals for your Beauty Salon or Spa, all using the same rythm to pick and choose according to your skill and clients tastes.


  • Vegetal Harmony :
  • For a perfect relaxation between scents from the islands and melting textures
  • Osmosis Marine :
  • For a balanced silhouette between subtle Green Tea aroma and targeted formulas.
  • Mineral Energy :
  • For a new vitality between freshness of citrus or mint and mineral extracts.


Marine Osmosis

This Slimming Ritual is highly effective for diminishing ‘orange peel’ looking skin caused by cellulite. The concentrated marine and botanical ingredients leave the skin toned firmed and smooth.


  • - Beauty Salt
  • - Body Scrubbing with 3 Teas Extracts



  • - Body Massage Oil
  • - Detox Body Oil - Bigarade & Argan
  • - Body Massage Cream with 3 Essentials Oils
  • - Hydra Tonic Body Massage Cream

Body Wrapping

  • - Algoserum with Green Tea
  • - Rubberizing Body Wrapping with Spirulina
  • - Body Wrapping with 3 Tea Extracts
  • - Body Beauty Wrapping with Essentials Oils


  • - Emerald Bath Salts - Green Tea scented
  • - Balneotherapy Cream with Algae
  • - Body Cooling Shower Gel
  • - Body Beauty Lotion
  • - Soothing Balm for Feet