Oligospa Beauty Rituals

3 beauty rituals to benefit fully from the remineralizing efficacy of trace elements within 3 protocols of Spa Care which alternates  between olfactory and tactile sensations provided by expert hands and original scent and texture products.


  • Vegetal Harmony :
  • For a perfect relaxation between scents from the islands and melting textures
  • Osmosis Marine :
  • For a balanced silhouette between subtle Green Tea aroma and targeted formulas.
  • Mineral Energy :
  • For a new vitality between freshness of citrus or mint and mineral extracts. 

Your care with Joya™Personalize your care for an original experience of modelage

This fine wooden roller has at its center a gem that can rotate freely, which allows a massage on dry skin only, that is to say without a trace of milk or oil on the body.
The modelage can be done at your convenience before or after any step of the care either before or after a scrub wrap or even after a bath. You can also do the usual prelude to your massage for an original initial contact with your customer.

produit soins à la joya